Northern Lights

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The world around you is not what it seems...

About Us

We are a local community of Ingress Players in Northern Ireland.

Welcome to the Enlightened Ingress community for Northern Ireland! We aim to provide a welcoming environment for players to connect, meet up and get involved in the wider game. Feel free to come along to our regular events!

Join the Team

Our main content is available through our Facebook group.

If you're interesting in getting involved with the local team, feel free to join us on our Facebook group. We also have a bridged Discord and Telegram chat that we can add you to.

Gameplay Tips

If you want to know more about playing Ingress, please check out the links below.


You can input these codes in your scanner or intel map to get free gear.

The Intel Map

The Intel map is a valuable source of information, allowing you to see the status of the portal network from any computer or mobile.

View Intel map
Ingress 101

A YouTube channel dedicated to exploring different strategies in the game.

Watch on YouTube

Very user-friendly beginners guides to Ingress.

Smurfling lessons* Ingress Agent Guide

*Not just for smurfs!

Safety Message

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

View the blog
Checkpoint Tracker

Want to know when the next checkpoint is? Need to get your fields up before the end of the cycle?

Check here

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Use the links below to download Ingress